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Wellness at The White Buffalo Club

Wellness at The White Buffalo Club

Wellness at The White Buffalo Club is not just a matter of having a spa or fitness center. At the White Buffalo Club it is a way of life. The White Buffalo Club offers a full package of services for total body wellness. Massage and body treatments for stress relief and muscle relaxation, as well as personal training in our fitness facility.  Our complimentary Yoga program enables the body to stay toned, strong, and flexible. 

Fitness Spa

Combining fitness, Yoga, and massage therapy, The White Buffalo Club Fitness Spa respects the advances in modern medical science. We practice an integrated and holistic approach to health through a unique blend of ancient healing traditions and modern fitness techniques. Our professional therapists, instructors, and trainers work with you to pursue a holistic life experience.  Not just a spa, but a healing journey for your mind, body, and soul.

Massage and Body Treatments

Massage treatments are an essential part of a healthy and peaceful life. Massage aids in healing, eases muscle soreness, and provides relaxation and stress relief. Our therapists work in conjunction with our personal fitness trainers to help you achieve all of your personal wellness goals.


All reservations for the White Buffalo Club's Wellness Services can be arranged at the following:
Phone: 1-888-256-8182 . Fax: 1-307-734-1998 . Email: info@whitebuffaloclub.com
160 West Gill Avenue Jackson, WY 83001