A Focus on Wellness Can be a Rewarding Path to Travel

Whether you’re visiting Jackson Hole on vacation, or just looking for a little break from the daily grind, finding the perfect retreat out of all the spas in Jackson Hole Wyoming can be a rewarding addition to your wellness routine. Although there is a long list of spa choices in the Jackson area, the White Buffalo Club has carved out a unique niche offering completely customized treatments based on what each spa guest needs.

Spas in Jackson Hole Wyoming – Choose One That is Wellness Centered

One of the key elements to finding the spa that best suits you is looking at not only the services they provide, but also the products they use., and the focus on over-all wellness that they have. The White Buffalo Club, out of all the Spas in Jackson Hole Wyoming, has a total mind body approach that not only offers body wellness-centric services, but also offers a partnering with the fitness center located on site to allow for total body awareness and wellness. After your spa treatment, perhaps you’ll choose to meet with a personal trainer to develop a routine to get ready for the Jackson Hole ski season. Also available on-site are yoga and wellness experts ready to help you sculpt your body from the outside in and create a total holistic approach to creating an improved you. Most spas in Jackson Hole Wyoming don’t offer such a wide array of wellness opportunities.

Wellness Starts from the Inside

The White Buffalo Club offers a breakfast café that blends fresh juice smoothies to power your workout, detox your body, and refresh after a tough workout in the morning. Wellness also includes feeling centered and clear. The yoga instructors are the best offered at any of the spas in Jackson Hole Wyoming and are ready to assist you in finding a path to total Zen relaxation. Leave class feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Unique Spa Services Focused on Feeling Your Best

Although the spa at the White Buffalo Club is intimately sized, the range of services is extensive. One of the newest services available, unique to all spas in Jackson Hole Wyoming, is the Thai Massage. A blend of assisted stretching, deep tissue work and traditional Chinese and Indian wellness, this massage focuses on total body awareness and muscle release. Assisted by a trained Thai Massage therapist, you’ll be stretched and massaged using traditional Asian techniques including the therapist using their feet, elbows and hands to deeply work aching muscles and relieve tension. Thai Massage is truly a unique experience that other spas in Jackson Hole Wyoming can’t match up to.

What’s your favorite spa service?