Jackson Hole has a long list of winter activities that are both challenging and exciting. Winter is a rugged event in Wyoming so on your downtime set yourself up for a soothing and luxurious stay where you can rest and rejuvenate from playing hard in the snow. In this winter adventure post, we discuss the best considerations for a luxury winter vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Location, Location, Location…


The downtown area is the place to stay because it offers easy access to art galleries, world-class restaurants, plenty of quaint boutiques and shopping venues.

The best location affords you access to all of the fun winter things, but also all of the social activities such as nightclubs, fine dining, and shopping. Downtown Jackson Hole is a rich place to play. For people who want to vacation in style, hotels such as the White Buffalo Club make it easy to enjoy the best of outdoor winter sports and indoor winter fun.

While enjoying the local venues is a good way to relax, the downtown area offers easy access to winter sports. One thing to ask when you look for places to stay is about shuttle services from the hotel to ski resorts. Good hotels offer free shuttle service so that you do not have to worry about driving. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your vacation.

Winter Activities in Jackson Hole

snowshoeing in jackson hole wyoming

Snowshoeing. Jackson Hole offers world-class outdoor fun!

Whether you take advantage of downhill skiing, backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowcat skiing, heli-skiing, or all of the snowboarding opportunities be sure to balance out the cold and endurance grade exercise with plush amenities such as spa treatments, spa tubs, or massage.

A great hotel offers services that allow you to recover quickly during your downtime. At the end of a long ski day sitting in a sauna can be heavenly. Spending some time in a steam room not only warms you up but also helps those tired muscles recover. Kid-friendly water sports make this a family friendly adventure. A good tip is to find a hotel the offers access to the best that Jackson Hole has to offer. That means shuttles, entry to top venues, and reservations. Jackson Hole offers world-class play and world-class lodging for those who surround themselves with luxury.

If this is your first time visiting Jackson Hole then prepare to be amazed. The selection of winter activities is long and the quality is high.

snowmobiling in jackson hole wy

Do you need a guide to help you get the most out of snowmobiling? A concierge is just the person to hook you up with the best guides and can introduce you to the best places to rent equipment.

Snowmobiling is also popular and with the beautiful mountains and slopes, the trails here are insanely beautiful, challenging, and long. People also enjoy snowshoeing as the flats and gentle slopes are perfect for roaming on snowshoes.

For the mountain bikers, the winter bike tours are comprehensive and available for all levels of bikers.

A great family adventure could include scenic flights that allow you to take in the stunning landscape and often includes wildlife viewing. There is simply a ton of things to fill a luxury holiday.

A good tip is to plan carefully all of your activities and then pick a hotel or lodge that can make those events happen for you. This is where a good concierge comes in handy. Another good tip is to go over your list of activities with your concierge and ask about additional events that may complement your list. A good concierge is in the know about special venues, and they often have the contacts to get you want.

Sometimes It Is Who You Know

whitebuffaloclub-loungeIf you want exclusive service and access to the best restaurants, resorts, and sports venues, then you may need some help. A good tip is to pick a hotel or lodge that offers a top-notch concierge.

What you gain with a knowledgeable concierge is the insider information that helps you understand all of your options for dining, sightseeing, and who may get you onto ski slopes that are difficult to access.

Do you need a guide to help you get the most out of snowmobiling? A concierge is just the person to hook you up with the best guides and can introduce you to the best places to rent equipment. How about a ski valet? Who wants to lug all that equipment around? An outstanding hotel offers staff that stores your gear or that helps you find the best equipment or even custom equipment so your outdoor adventure is the peak of excitement. This allows you to enjoy all of your downtime without all of the hassles of dealing with gear. No more toting all of your stuff up to your suite, down from your suite, and loading and unloading it every time you want to ski or board. Luxury means people do that for you. Choose a place that offers both a concierge and a ski valet.

Jackson Hole is a winter wonderland that offers both indoor and outdoor luxury adventures. What’s on your bucket list for this winter?