Balance out the rugged, cold and entertaining winter sports aspect of Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the soft, plush, and luxurious amenities offered by the White Buffalo Club. This hotel offers the best juxtaposition for those people who want luxury and world-class outdoor recreation mixed together! Luxury down time helps people recover from the “play hard” atmosphere that is winter in Jackson Hole. In this Winter adventure piece, we discuss the benefits of luxury, location, and adventure in Jackson Hole.

Location, Location, Location…


The downtown area is the place to stay because it offers easy access to art galleries, world-class restaurants, plenty of quaint boutiques and shopping venues.

The best location affords you access to all of the fun winter things, but also all of the social activities such as nightclubs, fine dining, and shopping. Downtown Jackson Hole is a rich place to play. For people who want to vacation in style, hotels such as the White Buffalo Club make it easy to enjoy the best of outdoor winter sports and indoor winter fun.

The downtown area is the place to stay because it offers easy access to art galleries, world-class restaurants, plenty of quaint boutiques and shopping venues. While enjoying the local venues is a good way to relax, the downtown area also offers easy access to winter sports in the area. One thing to ask when booking your stay is about shuttle services from the hotel to ski resorts. Great hotels offer a private free shuttle service so that you do not have to worry about driving to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and back after a long day on the mountain. All you have to do is sit back, let the shuttles get you to and from the mountain and enjoy your vacation!

Amenities Make the Difference

white buffalo club luxury suite

You decide your level of privacy with the expectation that luxury is always a top-shelf priority for our staff at The White Buffalo Club.

Many people go on vacation and use their hotel room as a base. At the White Buffalo Club, your room is more than a base, it is a home-away-from-home — it’s a place to recharge, rejuvenate, and relax. Accommodations vary by reservation, but the range is from rooms and suites to private off-site vacation rentals.

While Jackson Hole offers world-class outdoor activities it is the soothing and soft features of a quality hotel that help guests overcome spills like the “agony of defeat.” For those who play hard, the White Buffalo Club Spa offers Swedish and deep tissue massage options as well as their popular Sports Recovery treatment that helps to keep your play level set at Olympian. Other features include aromatherapy treatments and the convenience of a spa punch card which enhances luxury by offering value.

jackson hole dining white buffalo club

Featuring the top 2% of USDA Prime meats and one of the best wine lists available for fine dining in Jackson Hole, WY.

The White Buffalo offers the convenience of a gourmet restaurant, lounge, and social station where guests can enjoy the best in food, wine and socializing. Another of the many awesome features is their long list of exclusive wine. The dining room and lounge make the perfect venue for starting an evening in Jackson Hole. Start with appetizers and drinks during Happy Hour and then head out into downtown Jackson Hole for an evening of entertainment.

Downtown Jackson Hole — Rich with Things to Do

town square restaurants and dining in jackson hole wy

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar at the Town Square, in Jackson Hole, WY.

The White Buffalo Club sits right in the midst of the activity! You can walk down the street and within a few blocks find shopping at quaint boutiques such as Knot on Pearl. If you want to soak up the nightlife then either take a stroll a few blocks away or take the hotel’s Mercedes shuttle to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Jackson Hole Playhouse, or the Silver Dollar Bar & Grill in town. After a long day on the slopes,  make sure to hit the Apres Ski scene Enjoy a few tasty beverages and relax mountainside to all Jackson Hole has to offer. These are staples of any vacation experience to Jackson Hole. In between, guests enjoy shopping at the many art galleries and the long list of restaurants.

For dining options outside of the White Buffalo Club, guests enjoy the Blue Lion for American, seafood, and international food. If you are craving a burger, then head over to Liberty Burger — A great place for lunch while shopping. Another hotspot is The Kitchen for American and Spanish foods. There are easily 50 options for dining in downtown Jackson Hole, so make sure to dig around and find the cuisine you are looking for. The White Buffalo Club also offers top-shelf concierge services to help you along the way, so use them to help gain access to local insights and favorites!

Sometimes, It Is Who You Know!

If you want exclusive service and access to the best restaurants, resorts, and sports venues, then you may need some help. A good tip is to use the well-informed and connected concierge at the White Buffalo Club.

What you gain with the knowledgeable concierge at the White Buffalo Club is the insider information that helps you understand all of your options for dining, sightseeing, and winter or summer activities.

Do you need a guide to help you get the most out of snowmobiling while visiting? Our concierge is just the person to hook you up with the best guides and can introduce you to the best places to rent equipment. Jackson Hole offers five types of skiing and many options for boarding. Your concierge can arrange skis and gear so that you are not limited to just one type of skiing adventure. Ever snowshoed? Do it! A good tip is to check in with concierge and ask about all of your options for adventures. Anything you want to do, they can facilitate and arrange. They will handle gear and access issues so that you can relax and enjoy every minute of your vacation in luxury.

How about a ski valet? Who wants to lug all that equipment around? The White Buffalo Club offers staff that stores your gear and that helps you find the best equipment or even custom equipment so your outdoor adventure is the peak of excitement. This allows you to enjoy all of your downtime without all of the hassle of dealing with gear. No more toting all of your stuff up to your suite, down from your suite, and loading and unloading it every time you want to ski or board. Choose a place that offers both a concierge and a ski valet.

Jackson Hole is a winter wonderland that offers both indoor and outdoor luxury adventures. What’s on your bucket list for this winter?