To join a class please call 307-734-4900 or use the tablet in the Fitness center.

Indoor and outdoor group exerciseclass that mixes traditional calisthenicsand body weight exercises with intervaltraining and strength training.

Instructor: Ali D
Vinyasa Flow is a series of yoga posesthat will guide you through the power ofinhaling and exhaling creating a movingmeditative state. Vinyasa movementsare smoothly flowing and will exerciseboth mind and body building strengthand flexibility.

Instructor: Ainslie F
Open to all levels, this class leadsstudents through safe and joyfulpostures that weave mental focus withbalance, physical and mental flexibility.

Instructor: Michelle D
Unwind after a day on the slopes with a yoga class specifically designed to release tight muscles you've worked all day on the hill. We will explore hip, hamstring, and quad openers in a gentle flow sequence with long holds. Then, we will use a foam roller to get deeper into tight muscles, help you relax, and prevent injury. Class will end with a couple of yin poses to ease tension in the low back and, of course, a long savasana! All levels welcome.  BYO Foam roller, or we have a few extras.

An Alignment class for the everyday person interested in improving their bodes.  Focusing on large and small scale alignments of the skeleton, realigning to alleviate common pains, and discomforts, helping to hold the body around injuries (alternative to/delaying surgeries), preventative, sport specific, everyday use/wear/tear, and of course coupled with yoga poses.

~Yogassage ~Experience the integrative healing benefits of Restorative Yoga combined with Therapeutic Massage. Relax on your mat in comfortable, opening yoga poses supported by bolsters as you receive a targeted therapeutic massage in the areas of the body where we hold tensions. Essential oils will be included for activating the senses while in poses. Yogassage is a Class for those interested in stretching, opening the mind, body and spirit while receiving hands-on therapeutic care from a Physical Therapist & Yogi, Francine Bartlett. CMT & Aromatherapist, Jennifer PepperClass time: 65 minutesPlease wear lose, comfortable clothing.Price: $40/pp Limited Space, Reserve Today Includes, yoga, massage, essential oils and if one so desires, a single serving plant medicine, offering the additional healing benefits of CBD & CBG oil. WE work with RECEPTm developed by Medical Doctors and is 100% Ethanol and THC- Free! RECEPT is a pure Hemp Oil.


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