Here, we help address tips for family vacation planning to Jackson Hole! 

Spending time at a fabulous ski resort can be a great vacation for all ages. There is a big difference, however, between planning an adults-only vacation and one with the entire family.

jackson hole mountain resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort provides an excellent selection of activities and restaurants as well as incredible accommodations.

The following information provides a detailed guide on how to plan the perfect family ski vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

  1. Pick the Right Resort

Choosing a location that caters to kids is the first step in planning the perfect family ski vacation. It’s important to select a resort that offers a wide variety of activities. This includes everything from fun activities such as sledding and tubing to a variety of restaurants that those of all ages will enjoy. It is important to do plenty of research before finally choosing the best destination.

The Resort provide plenty of fantastic options for children to enjoy, including seasonal programs for kids and a daycare.

  1. Plan Well in Advance

jackson hole resort - perfect for family ski vacationsFamilies should make a detailed list of every item they will need while on vacation. There are several essentials to pack for a ski vacation. Hats, gloves, boots, lip balm, and sunscreen are but a few of the items that should be on that list.

If possible, pack a week in advance and then check the suitcases a few days later to see if everything that will be needed is included. Have a checklist of items that need to be added at the last minute — like toothbrushes — so you don’t forget them, or buy extras just for the trip.

It is crucial to pack well for a cold weather vacation. It is usually recommended to wear layers. Layering up will keep everyone warmer during cold days, but still allow individuals to take off a few items on sunny days. Planning in advance also means checking weather forecasts before leaving for the resort.

  1. Be Selective About Travel Dates
courbet's couloir jackson hole resort

Coubet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

It’s important for a family to not only select dates that work for their personal schedule but to choose a good time during the ski season. Jackson Hole Resort is open from Thanksgiving through the beginning of April.

The best month to go probably comes down to personal preference, but there are a few points to keep in mind. January and February are normally not as busy. The weather can be really cold during these months, however, which may be more uncomfortable for younger children.

The beginning and the end of the season will likely provide milder weather but it will probably be a lot more crowded. Holiday travelers will come in November and December, while spring break usually occurs in February, March and early April depending where visitors are coming from.

Being selective also means choosing the right times of the day and week to go to the resort, especially when driving. If there are only a few access roads, it is important to drive during off-peak hours. Early morning hours on Saturdays and Mondays will likely be less crowded than late afternoon on Fridays and Sundays.

  1. Make Sure to Take Lessons
family ski school - ski lessons at jackson hole mountain resort

Finding a resort that provides lessons suited for various age levels will help youngsters learn more quickly.

Unless everyone in the family is an expert skier, it is recommended to take a few lessons to freshen up skills. Having the kids spend even a few hours taking lessons will also give parents some alone time.

Jackson Hole provides group lessons for children as young as 3 years old, as well as other various age groups including adults. There are also private lessons available, along with seasonal activities and even a kids’ night out.

  1. Prepare for Transportation Needs

When traveling with children, it’s important to know ahead of time the best ways to get around. Bus service, taxis, and car rental are all possible options. Making a decision on what type of transportation will be needed and used will depend on where the family is staying and what type of activities they’ll want to do. Jackson Hole Resort offers bus, taxi, and car rental options for their guests.

  1. Take Time Off

Over-planning a trip can sometimes be as disastrous as not scheduling enough activities. Having some down time — especially away from the slopes — is important. This is particularly true when planning a trip that lasts more than a week. Kids may end up sick or simply worn out if they are not given some time off.

Most resorts offer plenty of other activities to enjoy. Jackson Hole provides a great selection of activities besides skiing for families to take part in. There’s also gorgeous scenery to enjoy when it’s time to just relax.

jackson hole mountain resort trailmap

  1. Find a Resort with Several Types of Activities

Taking time off from skiing means planning other recreations for the family to enjoy. It’s recommended to find a resort that has heated pools, ice skating rinks, or sledding. It’s even a good idea to find activities that don’t take any energy, such as enjoying a sleigh ride, so kids have a chance to truly relax while still having fun.

For those who may have older children and are looking for a little more adventure, Jackson Hole also offers summer and winter activities like paragliding, heli skiing, and a variety of scenic flights in the valley.